Polyester + Vinylester Resins

Polyester Gel Coats + Non-Skid

Pigments for polyester & epoxy

PolyFlake by Glitterex!!!

Catalyst & Solvents: MEKP, MCP, Acetone, Surfacing agent(wax), styrene, dispensing equipment

Reinforcements: fiberglass, carbon, kevlar

Epoxies: marine, tooling, adhesives

Fillers: putties, micro-balloons, fumed silica, flox

Duratec Products: primers, gelcoat repair, barrier coats

Fabrication: mold release, shears, urethane, wedges

Repair: pour foam, buffing compound and pads

Adhesives: epoxy, MMA, Spray Tack

Laminating Rollers: aluminum, plastic, and bristle

Application Equipment & Tools: brushes, rollers, mix cups, squeegees

Safety: gloves, tyvek suits, masks, barrier cream

Abrasives: full line of SIA sandpaper

Spray Guns: gravity feed, pressure pot, pre-val

Vacuum Bagging & Infusion: films, sealant tape, gear, breather, peel ply

Foam & Balsa Core Materials: pvc structural foam sheets, balsa core, coremat & Soric flow media

HONEYCOMB: Polypropylene and Nomex


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A gloriously simple e-commerce site is being built that should compliment our common-sense and economical customer service model. You will still be able to call and place your orders with us in person, or come into our open warehouse. And for those of you who prefer to buy stuff with little human contact(you know who you are), you can do so from the privacy of your car or workshop or cube.

We are looking forward to these added services that could make ordering easier and quicker for you and are ready for this next phase for Express Composites.



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