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Gelcoat & Additives

We sell what we have determined to be the very best gelcoats for the jobs required. You will notice that there are 3 different manufacturers - that is because we have personally tested them. In addition, we greatly value our customer feedback. What we look for is performance and good shelf-life in our gelcoats. There are many ways that you can get the color you need for your projects. We have the fan decks of our Instint line of gelcoats, providing over 1000 options. In addition, you can send a 2x2 inch chip of the color you need and if we don't have a match in house, we will send it to the Ashland lab to formulate that color. Gelcoat can be tricky - it is not paint - so call us if you need more guidance before going forward. Note - 1 gallon of gelcoat will cover 80 square feet at 18 mils thick. 

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