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AdTech 820 Marine Laminating Hardeners Only

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Order the 822 for 30 minute pot life, 823 for 45 minute pot life(infusion as well), or 824 for 60 minute pot life. Ratio is 5R:1H by volume. Order a pint of hardener for a quart of resin. Order a quart of hardener for a gallon of resin. Order a gallon of hardener for a pail of resin. 

Tech Data Sheet

A Word About How Containers are Filled: The unit of measure for pints, quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon pails denotes container size and not the actual volume of the liquid inside.  Products are dispensed by weight, with varying amounts of head space in the can or bottle to accommodate mixing, expansion, and shipping requirements.  In the case of epoxies, the available cans in standard sizes will often appear “short” on resin or hardener to accommodate a true ratio.