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Duratec StyroSafe Laminating Resin & StyroShield Primer

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STYROSAFE® Laminating Resin - Savings occur when you buy a pail.  It is not eligible for the Duratec 4 Gallon Discount.

One gallon of Duratec requires approx. 4 oz of catalyst.  Need catalyst? Order here.

Duratec® STYROSAFE© Polyester Laminating Resin 30P-106AF  This resin processes just like regular polyester laminating resin, only it does not attack styrofoam, making it perfect for one-offs, prototypes and sculpture.

Tech Data Sheet  30P-106AF

Duratec® STYROSHIELD® Primer 707-019  This primer processes very similarly to base primer, only it does not attack styrofoam, making it perfect for one-offs, prototypes and sculpture.  It is a high build primer that eliminates the cost of involving epoxy to protect styrene-based foams. MUST be sprayed. 

Tech Data Sheet 707-019

A Word About How Containers are Filled: The unit of measure for pints, quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon pails denotes container size and not the actual volume of the liquid inside.  Products are dispensed by weight, with varying amounts of head space in the can or bottle to accommodate mixing, expansion, and shipping requirements.  In the case of epoxies, the available cans in standard sizes will often appear “short” on resin or hardener to accommodate a true ratio.