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ORCA 555 VinylEster-Thixotropic Resin

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Orca 555, with its heat distortion temperature at 249°F is great for tooling as well as a wonderful marine resin with superior blister resistance. It is a new resin for us but we did a lot of tests and had several customers run it in production and repair in replace of Hydrex 100 as it it at an outrageous price at the moment. Catalyze @ 1.25% with 925H- Get a pint for a pail, 4 oz. for a gallon, and 2 oz. for a quart.

***A 5 Gallon Pail is classified as a hazardous material.  Please see below about shipping costs.


Need Catalyst? Get it here. 

Tech Data Sheet Orca Composites 555

Mix Chart for Polyester and Vinylester


A Word About How Containers are Filled: The unit of measure for pints, quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon pails denotes container size and not the actual volume of the liquid inside.  Products are dispensed by weight, with varying amounts of head space in the can or bottle to accommodate mixing, expansion, and shipping requirements.  In the case of epoxies, the available cans in standard sizes will often appear “short” on resin or hardener to accommodate a true ratio.

***UPS charges an extra $51 for products classified as hazardous materials.  Speedee charges an extra $19. This will not be reflected in your shipping quote at point of sale.  It isn't our fault but we are still sorry!

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