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Duratec Polyester Primers

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Order any variety of Duratec® products to equal a combined 4 gallon case at a reduced price. Discount shown in shopping cart.

One gallon of Duratec requires approx. 4 oz of catalyst.  Need catalyst? Order here.

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Duratec® Surfacing Primer 707-002(gray)/702-003(black)/714-002(white) Our most popular product designed for plug/pattern finishing as well as in-mold coating.  Provides outstanding filling and leveling properties when applied to substrates such as fiberglass, metal, wood, foam, concrete and pressboard.  Can be applied up to 50 mils wet on wet on wet.  Sands easily and can be polished to a high gloss for a Class A finish.  

Tech Data Sheet Grey 707-002

Tech Data Sheet Black 702-003

Tech Data Sheet White 714-002

Duratec® Light Grey EZ SAND Primer 707-061 Very easy sanding - saves time and effort.  An exceptional primer for polishing or topcoating with Duratec Surfacing Primers and Hi-Gloss coatings, lacquers and polyurethane paints.  It is a high-build primer with a heavier, denser finish than the 707-051 Base Primer.  

Tech Data Sheet 707-061

Duratec® Base Primer 707-051 This tan, lightweight primer is the most sandable product on the market!  Duratec Base Primer 707-051 is a sprayable putty that gives maximum wet film thickness for plug, pattern, and model fairing.  It can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled, achieving 40-120 mils.  It hides flaws and can typically reduce labor costs on any project. 

Tech Data Sheet 707-051